• duration: 2 days
  • places: Lipik, Brezina, Gaj, Brekinska

Day 1

Start your two-day visit in the small village of Gaj, near Lipik, with a prayer at the Baroque parish church of St. Catherine the Martyr. Masses are held here every Sunday, and on other days the parish church can be visited in agreement with the parish priest. There is also the possibility of a holy confession.

Not far from Gaj, in the small village of Brezina, which is part of Gaj parish, is the chapel of St. Andrew, a wooden chapel that is a cultural monument. Here you can gather and pray in peace. Make sure you also visit St. Michael’s Church in Brekinska, which is located along the main road.

If you wish, there is a possibility of lunch in the parish house in Gaj, you just need to make an arrangement with the pastor. Also you have the option to order a catering service from the restaurant “Vrata Slavonije”.

After lunch, on the way from Gaj to Lipik, stop at the entrance to the city and visit the State stud farm of noble Lipizzaner horses.

Day 2

After a night spent in Lipik, we suggest that you begin your tour of Lipik in the parish church of St. Francis of Assisi where the statue of Our Lady of Fatima is preserved. There is a Way of the Cross around the church, and next to the church is a lookout from which there is a beautiful view of the city.

When in Lipik, it would be a shame to miss swimming in the spas and their healing thermal water, which the town has been known for for centuries. Take a stroll around the beautiful Lipik park, which is a protected monument of park culture.

For lunch, try some of the local specialties at Restaurant Nada in Lipik or in one of the other restaurants in the area.

Before returning home, be sure to stop by at lake Raminac. Here you can walk in silence, gather your thoughts and thank the Lord for all the graces.

Map of locations

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