• duration: 10 - 12 h
  • places: Lipik, Brezina, Gaj

The town of Lipik is located in western Slavonia on the slopes of Psunj. Surrounded by centuries-old gardens, natural springs of healing thermal water and a rich history, it is definitely a place worth visiting, as it offers a possibility for a nice break from the stressful everyday life.

We recommend to start your excursion with a tour of the parish church of St. Francis which is located in the very center of Lipik. Discover the miraculously preserved character of Our Lady of Fatima. Make sure that you climb the church tower which offers a beautiful view of the city.

After visiting the church of St. Francis, take a stroll through the centuries-old park that is a monument of park architecture. It hides many historical landmarks such as Jelka’s Hill, the Bench of Countess Jelka, Antun’s spring, Marble and Stone Baths, the remains of the covered Kursalon promenade, Wandelbahn, fountains and numerous garden ornaments.

One of the symbols on the coat of arms of the City of Lipik is the State stud farm of Lipizzaner horse. With expert guidance, visitors can take a tour of the Lipizzaner stud farm, learn everything about these animals and, of course, venture to ride them, or take an unforgettable carriage ride through the city.

After a tour of the Stud Farm, we recommend to head to Brezine where is the chapel of St. Andrew, one of the rarely preserved wooden churches in the whole Slavonia, that is definitely worth a look. Hold yourselves briefly in the silence or prayer to St. Andrew, bring your personal intentions to the Lord.

End your trip to Lipik with a visit to the beautiful Baroque church of St. Catherine the Martyr in Gaj built in 1804. Along with a tour of the church, there is the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass and the possibility of holy confession. Afterwards, we suggest a goulash for dinner prepared by skilled cooks from the village or the possibility of catering service from the restaurant “Vrata Slavonije”.

Map of locations

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