Following the footsteps of Janković family

  • duration: 2 days
  • places: Gaj, Lipik, Stražeman

Day 1

Begin your visit with a tour of the Parish Church of St. Catherine the Martyr in the small village of Gaj. This church and parish house have supposedly been erected by Count Izidor Janković. Here, Holy Masses are every Sunday at 11 am and Friday at 6 pm.

After visiting and praying in the parish church in Gaj, visit the unique wooden chapel of St. Andrew in the village of Brezine, which belongs to the parish of Gaj. On the way to Lipik definitely make a stop at State stud farm with noble Lipizzaner horses. The farm was built by Count Izidor Janković in 1843.

Take a lunch break and try local specialties at local restaurants. After lunch, visit the parish church of St. Francis of Assisi where you can stay in prayer next to  miraculously preserved statue of Our Lady of Fatima. In the evening, take a walk at the Lipik park by the Antun’s Spring, the stone bench of Countess Jelka, Jelka’s hill

Day 2

After a night spent in Lipik, visit the 50 km distant village of Stražeman, where Count Izidor was born in Janković’s castle. In the parish church of St. Michael the Archangel is the tomb of Janković family. In the church you can see the granite tombstone of Izidor Janković with figures in metal (figure of the deceased, grieving wife and allegory of the death).

Relics and a mosaic of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac and Ivan Merc are exposed in this parish church, so we definitely recommend staying here a little longer in prayer and peace.

We recommend a visit to the Jankovac excursion site located on Papuk. Within the excursion site there is a mountain hut where you can eat something. There is a beautiful waterfall near the picnic area that is definitely worth a visit.

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