Chapel of St. Anthony in Kukunjevac

The chapel of St. Anthony in a small village in Kukunjevac was built by the locals. The chapel is dedicated to St. Anthony and nowadays the masses are held there twice a year. It is located in the area of Gaj parish.

It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and untouched nature in the middle of the Slavonian glades. Around the chapel is a green meadow where pilgrims can rest, get away from their worries and indulge in prayer and spiritual contemplation away from the noise and stressful city life.

Prayer to St. Anthony

Saint Anthony, great wonder-worker, intercede for us that God may grant us our request if it be for the good of our soul.

Saint Anthony, be our patron, our protector, and our advocate in life and in death.

Saint Anthony, attentive to those who invoke thee, grant us the aid of thy powerful intercession for the grace of holy purity, meekness, humility, obedience, the spirit of poverty, and perfect abandonment to the will of God.

Saint Anthony, servant of Mary, obtain for us greater devotion to the blessed Mother of God.


Address: 34551 Kukunjevac